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*Insert Witticism Here*

*further the bad pun here*

22 September
I'm the queen of lame. All other lame folk stand in awe of my sheer geeking power, and the vast radiance of the utter loseritude which I radiate. Luckily, I've managed to succeed in weening my lameness to a magnitude that can be tolerated by others, provided they use protective glasses and have no previous known allergies.

I'd love to lay the blame down at someone elses feet, but unfortunately, I've been a geeky fangirl with a disturbing need to fanfic and rp and suchlike since way back in the day when gargoyles shiny and new and on weekly. (You know, that disney toon from the early 90s? The one that had all the people from trek on it?)

I also dig lit, singing opera in particular, kicking people, and pissing off my mum (a pastime that shall never, EVER grow old).